They Can Have Blankets

SWEDEN. Gatstone Institute have published another great article about the migration madness here. Read about The Cost of Migration.

What to Do about Gang Violence?

SWEDEN. Gatestone Institute published a fantastic article about gangs, crime, ethnicity and how the politicians plan to handle it. It's a must-read!

Am I Going to Die now, Mom?

SWEDEN. This is a letter from 63-year old Mona Iréne Schultz to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and his government. On the night of November 2nd her son and his family living in Malmö became victims of one of the bombings that have become an almost daily occurence here. Nobody was hurt, but the children are… Continue reading Am I Going to Die now, Mom?

Is This the New Normal?

SWEDEN. Bombthreats and explosions have become a daily occurence here and nobody hardly reacts to headlines anymore. The bomb squad are currently hiring to cope with the demand and between January and September there were 172 incidents. Here's what happened this week. 14/10: A bomb exploded outside the door of the police station in Staffanstorp… Continue reading Is This the New Normal?

The State of Sweden

Some of the things that happened during a couple of days in The New Sweden. An 18-year old woman was shot dead in her kitchen in Råckstad, Stockholm, at the night of 28/8. A car passed by and shot through the window. It's believed that a criminal man was the intended target. Two men in… Continue reading The State of Sweden

Another Innocent Murdered

SWEDEN. Yesterday a woman in her thirties was shot in the head and died. She was carrying her two months old baby in her arms. It's unknown why she was shot, if she was a target or just happened to get in the way of the eight shots that was fired. The main theory is… Continue reading Another Innocent Murdered

Rapes Keep Increasing

SWEDEN. Borås, Hedemora, Uppsala, Piteå, Stockholm, Skellefteå, Helsingborg and Malmö all have one thing in common. They are cities where there have been rapes in the last two weeks, but I suspect that it has happened in more places. These rapes were assault rapes that took place outside and were performed by strangers. Only in… Continue reading Rapes Keep Increasing

Ordered to Leave the Bus because of Her Clothes

SWEDEN. Amanda Hansson, 19, was told to leave a bus in Malmö as the driver thought that her clothes was to revealing. It was on Friday the 26th at 11.05 AM that Amanda got on the bus wearing shorts and a top that showed a bit of her stomach. Totally normal clothes for young women,… Continue reading Ordered to Leave the Bus because of Her Clothes

The State of Sweden

Two female police officers in Norröping were called out in May 2017 because a man had been seen climbing onto a balcony. The man resisted arrest so they had to call for backup and he started abusing them verbally. He called them hore, cop cunt and fucking pig. He said that they should surrender to… Continue reading The State of Sweden

Car Fires – A New Summer Tradition

SWEDEN. Cars have been burnt in the city of Lund for the fifth night in a row now. The police in Lund says that carfires increase in the summer, maybe because the perpetraitors have more free time during their sommer vacation and spend more time outside. It's known that the those who commit these crimes… Continue reading Car Fires – A New Summer Tradition