So it Will be Correct

SWEDEN. This is Jens Ganman and Magnus Carlsson satire movie Så att det blir rätt! about Sweden where they use the real voices of those who are depicted. It didn't take long for Youtube to take it down, but now it's back up. Unfortunately there's no subtitles, but perhaps that will change. 


Swedens GDP Lowest in Europe

SWEDEN. And it's all thanks to immigration! We were told that the immigrants would bring a "rain of competence" that would save us all, but now it seems like they only brought us trouble. Who could have known? Well, everybody who try to keep a personal budget understood that you can't increase your spendings without … Continue reading Swedens GDP Lowest in Europe

Former ISIS-member arrested for murder

SWEDEN. Two persons were shot to death on the third of July in an housing area in the no go zone Vivalla, Örebro. The victims were two men in their twenties and that later died. Now a fourth suspect have been arrested.  The man is in his thirties and have a criminal background. He went … Continue reading Former ISIS-member arrested for murder