48 Hours in Sweden

SWEDEN. Jack Nilsson has compiled this list of news reports from the last two days and nights. Some things are normal stuff and other things are part of the new normal. Woman robbed, MalmöElderly woman in wheelchair beaten and robbed in a hospital, SundsvallWoman robbed on Lilla Torg, MalmöRape, JärfällaRape, HaningeWoman murdered and man arrested,... Continue Reading →

Car Fires – A New Summer Tradition

SWEDEN. Cars have been burnt in the city of Lund for the fifth night in a row now. The police in Lund says that carfires increase in the summer, maybe because the perpetraitors have more free time during their sommer vacation and spend more time outside. It's known that the those who commit these crimes... Continue Reading →

The State of Sweden

The politicians in charge of Stockholm have decided that 4 million kronor ($429 304) will be spent on a team of experts to help the children of ISIS terrorists if they get in trouble. You see, the support for the adults isn't enough and the child might get mistreated as mom and dad have a... Continue Reading →

It’s always Been like This

SWEDEN. Here's some news from the last two days. Two days for all this mayhem?! It's like a nightmare. But I must remember not to speak ill of my country as the former PM Stefan Löfven doesn't like that. We should pretend everything's great. Like he did for the last four years. Two girls, 13-... Continue Reading →


I have written previously about the 31-year-old that were tanken into custody in Lund on a train suspected of planning a terror act. The custody negotiations were today and he has now been released egen though the suspicions remain. Seems like a risky move if you ask me.

Another Arrest for Preparing Terror

During the night another person were arrested for preparing a terrorattack. This happened in Lund and the man is born 1987. He is a Swedish citizen, but wasn't born in the country. The suspected crime took place on the third of March.He was on a train headed for Stockholm. It's said that he had blueprints... Continue Reading →

Another Attempted Gangrape

SWEDEN. Yesterday at about 19.30 a fourteen year old girl was almost gangraped in the city of Lund.  The girl were on a path for bikes and bicycles close to Norra Kyrkogården in Lund, a place were both rapes and gangrapes have taken place before, when a group of five men tried to rape her.... Continue Reading →

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