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Political Correctness Are Imposed on Crime Statistics

SWEDEN. Brå is short for the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention in Swedish and it's an administrative agency with the mission to put together statistics on crime to be used by politicians. They have been accused of having a leftist bias both in their choice of investigations and how they interpret and present the… Continue reading Political Correctness Are Imposed on Crime Statistics

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It’s all Talk & no Action

SWEDEN. The last couple of days there have been several explosions and shootings all over the country and the politicians are slowly starting to react. At least enough to lie some more. It started on June 5th when a shed for bicycles exploded in Linköping. On the 7th a bomb detonated outside an apartmenthouse in… Continue reading It’s all Talk & no Action


Explosion in Linköping

SWEDEN. There was an explosion outside a five storey apartment house in Linköping this morning. The blast was strong enough to destroy the balconies and windows. The ground is covered in debris. About 19 persons had to go to the hospital, but there were no serious injuries. It's unknown what caused the explosion, but the… Continue reading Explosion in Linköping

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Updated List of No Go Areas

SWEDEN. The news reported that it wasn't sure that this list would be published as many municipalities says it demonizes the area, makes it hard to build houses as nobody wants to live there and also it scares away companies that might invest. I guess if you read between the lines the municipalities want to… Continue reading Updated List of No Go Areas

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Islam in Scandinavia

A hair salon has opened in Linköping, Sweden, which only serves veiled women. The owner Najwa describes that it hasn't felt dignified to hang a temporary curtain around the women in her regular salon, but that it's easier to work now and her customers can relax as no man will see their hair. Norweigan scientist… Continue reading Islam in Scandinavia

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Praying at IKEA

SWEDEN. It has become known this week that IKEA in the city Linköping have added a new usage for the "family room" where you can breast feed and change diapers. Now you can also pray there and it's for all religions. It's so absurd that I thought it was a joke so I had to… Continue reading Praying at IKEA

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Retarded Girl Kidnapped & Raped by Immigrants

SWEDEN. Tessa is 16-years old and has a mild intellectual handicap. She goes to a special class in a larger school in the city of Linköping. It was there that the Afghan immigrants approached her and wanted to be her friend. The school knew about this, but didn't react, perhaps because we all were told… Continue reading Retarded Girl Kidnapped & Raped by Immigrants