Gay Iraqi Minister Commits Fraud in Sweden

52-year old Najah al-Shammari is the well-paid minister of defense in IRAQ who, at the same time, is a refugee on sick leave in SWEDEN. He takes idea of split personality to a whole new level. al-Shammari became the minister of defense this June and he has a military background, including a M.A. in military … Continue reading Gay Iraqi Minister Commits Fraud in Sweden

Migrant Voices Reveal potential Conflicts

SWEDEN. A new study from the Institute for Future Studies in Stockholm have been released. 6 516 persons in 54 municipalities participated. The purpose was to explore how non-European migrants view integration. Another aim was to find out the values of migrants depending on country of origin and other background factors. The entire report can … Continue reading Migrant Voices Reveal potential Conflicts

Che for the Kids

SWEDEN. Below you can see a clip from the states childrens channel, SVT Barn, that once again shows how biased they are to the left. Here's my transcript of what they say: - This is the first tattoo I did, the man says.- Who is it on the picture on your arm? the girl … Continue reading Che for the Kids