The Left Eats Their Own


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Gay Iraqi Minister Commits Fraud in Sweden

52-year old Najah al-Shammari is the well-paid minister of defense in IRAQ who, at the same time, is a refugee on sick leave in SWEDEN. He takes idea of split personality to a whole new level. al-Shammari became the minister of defense this June and he has a military background, including a M.A. in military… Continue reading Gay Iraqi Minister Commits Fraud in Sweden

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Migrant Voices Reveal potential Conflicts

SWEDEN. A new study from the Institute for Future Studies in Stockholm have been released. 6 516 persons in 54 municipalities participated. The purpose was to explore how non-European migrants view integration. Another aim was to find out the values of migrants depending on country of origin and other background factors. The entire report can… Continue reading Migrant Voices Reveal potential Conflicts

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Che for the Kids

SWEDEN. Below you can see a clip from the states childrens channel, SVT Barn, that once again shows how biased they are to the left. https://twitter.com/GranskningSve/status/1162690319898558464 Here's my transcript of what they say: - This is the first tattoo I did, the man says.- Who is it on the picture on your arm? the girl… Continue reading Che for the Kids