One Little Town

SWEDEN. I live in a small town with about 15 000 residents. We are one of the municipals in Sweden that have taken in most immigrants with regard to our population. And I used to be so blind that I actually thought that it had worked out well, but I was wrong. When the Yugoslavians … Continue reading One Little Town

Are Christian Asylumseekers Discriminated?

UK. Christians used to constitute 10% of the Syrian population. They were targeted by jihadists and are still persecuted. The Christian charity Barnabus Aid are now reporting that the Interior Ministry are favouring Muslim refugees over the Christians. Out of the 7 060 Syrian refugees that UNHCR recommended the UK in 2017 only 25 persons were … Continue reading Are Christian Asylumseekers Discriminated?

Residence Permits & Rapes

SWEDEN. The so-called gymnasium law, that would make it possible for 9 000 Afghans to stay and study, is the unwanted gift that just keeps going. After the law fell apart an appeal have been lodged against the Superior Migration Court. They won't be able to take care of it för the next two months … Continue reading Residence Permits & Rapes

Persection of Christians – week 27

2018-06-03 During the last year and a half the Myanmar military have bombed 60 churches and turned some of them into Buddhist pagodas. The Kachin people who are 95% Christian are beaing treatened increasingly worse. Murders and rape have occured. A spirituality center for Franciscan nuns in the southern Philippines were raided by both police and … Continue reading Persection of Christians – week 27