So it Will be Correct

SWEDEN. This is Jens Ganman and Magnus Carlsson satire movie Så att det blir rätt! about Sweden where they use the real voices of those who are depicted. It didn't take long for Youtube to take it down, but now it's back up. Unfortunately there's no subtitles, but perhaps that will change. 


What You need to know before You Go to Gothenburg

SWEDEN. Visiting Gothenburg? Here is the advice the police gives: Women of all ages are at risks of being attacked, no matter what their age is. But light skin and blue eyes are especially at risk. Don't show your skin and hair. Cover yourself. What is more important: sweating a little or avoid violence or … Continue reading What You need to know before You Go to Gothenburg

The season of Forced Marriages

SWEDEN. For girls of foreign decent the summer break is likely to be the time when they are forced to marry. An enquiry from 2009 showed that 70 000 youths in Sweden not are allowed to choose who they will marry. This is often a hidden crime. Forced marriages is on the rise in Sweden according … Continue reading The season of Forced Marriages