Criminality, Persecution of Christians, Religion

Vandalised Churches During 2019

SWEDEN. I have tried my best to compile all the cases of vandalised churches during this year. Someone destroyed gates that led down to a grave chanchel in Trefaldighetskyrkan i Karlskrona. One year before the organ was smashed by a man who was sentenced to forensic psychiatric care and after that someone have left garbage… Continue reading Vandalised Churches During 2019


Rapes Keep Increasing

SWEDEN. Borås, Hedemora, Uppsala, Piteå, Stockholm, Skellefteå, Helsingborg and Malmö all have one thing in common. They are cities where there have been rapes in the last two weeks, but I suspect that it has happened in more places. These rapes were assault rapes that took place outside and were performed by strangers. Only in… Continue reading Rapes Keep Increasing

Criminality, Migration, Religion

Female security guard threatened for speaking

SWEDEN. In Karlskrona a female security guard were surrounded by four men when she was making her rounds at a school. It happened on Sunday evening around eight o'clock after the guard had adressed one of the men. One of them answered that she wasn't allowed to do that and that even their own mothers… Continue reading Female security guard threatened for speaking