Jordan Peterson Is Savage


The new Government: Margot Wallström

SWEDEN. The new government, consisting of members from the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party, was presented yesterday. Margot Wallström started off in the Social Democratic Youth League, the breeding ground for the next generation of party leaders. She have been asked several times to become the chairman of the Social Democratic Party, but … Continue reading The new Government: Margot Wallström

Interview with Jordan Peterson

SWEDEN. Jordan B. Peterson created headlines during his visit here and in this interview he talks about Sweden and how his ideas were recieved. He also get the chance to comment on some ideas that are popular in this little extreme country. One thing that is interesting that despite some peoples critical reactions Petersons book … Continue reading Interview with Jordan Peterson

Not allowed to think

UK. Dr. David Mackereth, 55, have worked for 26 years for the National Health Service was denied a spot on the Department for Work and Pensions as a assessor of disabilities when he wouldn't use peoples prefered pronouns. He's reflections on the topic are the same as Jordan B. Peterson had (and I hope it gives him … Continue reading Not allowed to think