Sweden Is Silly

The countries of NORWAY and SWEDEN have been in unions together from time to time during the centuries and the last one ended in 1905. That makes for an almost family like relationship and now Norway is putting us in our place. And they are absolutely right to do so. It all started when the Norweigan Prime Minister Erna Solberg encouraged her people to... Continue Reading →


9 myths about Immigration

SWEDEN. I found an article from 2015 and it was so typical for how the media wanted to educate us during the peak of immigration. I just had to refute these "false" claims. The article refered to these sources, but weren't more precise than this: the leftist paper ETC, the Church of Sweden, Brå, Dagens... Continue Reading →

Facts & Feelings

SWEDEN. I had planned to write about this, but then I saw Henrik Jönssons video and he sums up the situation in a great way. It's about Joakim Ruists study, that I have mentioned before, that showed the cost of immigration. He was interviewed on SVT-news and the journalists political bias was obvious. To suggest... Continue Reading →

Hard numbers on immigration

So far this year, from january first to the first of may, 52.723 immigrants been granted permission to stay permanently in Sweden. This includes asylum seekers, students, those moving from countries in the EU, scientists, adopted children and 15.589 relatives of migrants that have been here for a bit longer. The Department of Finance released... Continue Reading →

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