Comical Highlights from Sweden

SWEDEN. This video is in Swedish, but I just had to share it if there's any Swede who haven't seen it. It's fantastic!


A Wreck of an Investigation

SWEDEN. The attempted rape in Deje have gotten a lot of attention because it have been so poorly handled by the police.  A woman was out walking her puppy and got attacked which I have written about here. The new information is that the perpetraitor used a knife during the attack, the victim were cut, her … Continue reading A Wreck of an Investigation

Leila Doesn’t Answer

SWEDEN. Leila Ali Elmi, the Green Partys new member in parliament, doesn't seem to be able to answer the questions about her Somali campaign, because when she tried she only seemed to confirm them even more. I would like to know what she thinks about Islams treatment of women since she calls herself a feminist. … Continue reading Leila Doesn’t Answer