Saudi Influence over School in Sweden

SWEDEN. The Muslim community in Örebro is known for it's Islamism and ISIS-travelers. In the Alsalam elementary school, which have about 300 students, the education is highly influenced by the same ideas. That Saudi Arabia is trying to spread salafism throughout the world is well-known and one way is to fund Muslim projects. Schools are of… Continue reading Saudi Influence over School in Sweden

Icelands Soccerpromo Is Aryan Propaganda

ICELANDs official video for the upcoming world cup features an animated version of the team inspired by the countrys viking past. Music critic Arnar Egert Thoroddssen slammed the video saying the imagery was aryan and that the football players looked inhuman and barbaric, reminding of white power. Others claimed it was chauvinistic and har similarities to… Continue reading Icelands Soccerpromo Is Aryan Propaganda