The World Report 2020

The World Report 2020 about human rights around the globe was released yesterday. The focus seems to be on China (I haven't had time to read the report yet) and that was the focus of the press conference that you can watch below. There was a lot of talk about the Muslims in China, but... Continue Reading →

Persecution of Christians – week 4

Two bombs went off yesterday, January 27, during mass in a church in Jolo, Philippines. 27 were killed and at least 83 were injured. The area is a stronghold of the Islamist Abu Sayyaf terror organization which support ISIS. At the same time Catholics in the Philippines are hoping that the Pope will visit them... Continue Reading →

Sexual Abuse very Common in North Korea

NORTH KOREA. A new report called You Cry at Night, but Don't Know Why from Human Rights Watch shows that women are victims of sexual abuse everywhere in the North Korean society. They have no possibility to escape it. The report is based on interviews with 100 persons that have escaped the closed country after... Continue Reading →

Helen Was Imprisoned for Her Faith

ERITREA. Every singer dreams of realising their music to the world and that it will be possible to make a living doing what they love. But in 13 of May 2004, shortly after her gospel album T' Kebaeku (I Am Anointed) was released, Helen Berhane was arrested.  Eritrea is a dictature and Human Rights Watch says... Continue Reading →

Rape in Somalia

SOMALIA. In 2016 Somalia got their very first Sexual Offences Act which mean that rape is illegal now. Here in Sweden we got the first law against rape 1734 and the punishment was death which means that they are a bit behind us on the feministic agenda. But still many claim that there is no... Continue Reading →

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