A looong List of Islamic Terror Groups

Imam Tawhidi, aka Imam of Peace, put together and shared this list of Islamic terrorist organisations on Twitter. I don't even think all groups are on it. To get a picture of the degree of support for them read this research paper. Al Murabitun (Africa)Al-Qaeda (Islamic Maghreb - North West Africa)Al-Shabab (Africa) Ansar Dine (Africa)... Continue Reading →

Islamists in Action

DENMARK. A short video from todays "prayer". Though I can't understand what's being said it's easy to sense their deep spirituality and sorrow. It's unbelievable how some still thinks that this was a memorial service....

Islamists Hold Public Prayer in Denmark

DENMARK. Nothing shows that you care more than letting a terror organisation spread propaganda unrestrained. As a gesture of sympathy and to show support for "the martyrs in Christchurch" (that was how the group put it) Hizb ut-Tahrir will hold Friday prayer, including a sermon (in Danish so everybody can understand?), at Christiansborg Palace Square... Continue Reading →

Amazon Donates to Islamists

UK. The internet giant Amazon, who have banned Jihad Watch and others who work against extremism, have decided to spend some of their profit on what's described as "the main Salafist organisation in the UK". The Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF) was founded by Haitham al-Haddad. He's an Islamic scholar from Saudi Arabia who... Continue Reading →

Islamist Is an Expert Witness in UK Court

UK. Dr Imran Waheed, psychiatrict, is a radical Islamist preacher who are being used as an expert witness in British courts. Even though he wants to establish sharia law and isn't even trying to hide his views.  The good doctor works for NHS and Bupa in Birmingham and have been an expert witness in civil... Continue Reading →

Islamist group Give advice on Taking over Sweden

SWEDEN. The radical islamist and international organization Hizb ut-Tahir want to establish the caliphate that will be run according to sharia law. They have now issued a campaign to influence muslim voters not to vote in the Swedish election in September. Because everything about our system is kufr. You can read all about it on their... Continue Reading →

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