Afflicted by the Qurana-virus

You find both the symtoms and the cures in these short videos. First, the product of generations of cousin-marriages: Protect yourself with prayer and by covering your ancles: Purify your body through jihad: Praise Allah for killing people: Death to America and the Jews: Always keep… Continue reading Afflicted by the Qurana-virus

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Corona Spread During Funeral Service

SWEDEN. Several members that attended a funeral in the area of Stockholm have gotten the corona virus; at least three are hospitalised and an 83-year old womas has passed away. The funeral is said to have filled the church, most likely a Syrian-Ortodox one, and two days afterwards there was a memorial service which also… Continue reading Corona Spread During Funeral Service

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Somalis Overrepresented Among Those Dead of Corona

SWEDEN. At least six of the fifteen people in Stockholm who have died from the corona virus are from Somalia. They lived in the no go zones of Kista/Rinkeby and Spånga/Tensta and the municipality of Järfälla. It's the association for Swedish-Somalian physichians that are sounding the alarm and it seems like they deceased met and… Continue reading Somalis Overrepresented Among Those Dead of Corona

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The Health System Is Crumbling

SWEDEN. As the Corona virus is spreading through the country our health system, that was barely functioning thanks to immigration and budget cuts, is falling apart. Physicians and nurses are now sounding the alarm. Hand sanitizers are running out or are already exhausted, protective equipment like gloves, masks and plastic aprons are giving out. Because… Continue reading The Health System Is Crumbling

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Greece Are Fed Up with the Migrants

GREECE/TURKEY. While mainstream media and the left want to open the borders to help the refugees fleeing the war numbers that the Greek parliament has released. The people who were arrested in the Evros region between February 28 and the 5th of March came from Afghanistan (64%), Pakistan (19%) , Turkey (5%), Syria (4%), Somalia… Continue reading Greece Are Fed Up with the Migrants