The Reasons for Corona Deaths in Nursing Homes

SWEDEN. Many of those who have died of Covid-19 have been residents of retirement homes and the reason isn't only the they are a more suseptible. The news started to leak in May about the situation at nursing homes. The staff didn't have masks and in some municipality they were adviced NOT to wear any.... Continue Reading →

International Cringe

SWEDEN. Ann Linde, Socialdemocratic Secretary of State, was interviewed on the show Conflict Zone and it was absolutely painful to watch. Ann lies, avoids to answer the questions and looks absolutely lost as she desperately tries to master the English language. It's embarrassing! And Sweden seems even more incompetent than usual. Because even though all... Continue Reading →

The Truth about Swedens Anti-Lockdown Strategy

Angry Foreigner summarize how Sweden are handling the Corona pandemic and he's absolutely spot on. Swedes count on that the state knows best, that officials make the right decisions and will take care of things. In the meantime we carry on as usual, convinced that we and our systems are so exceptional that covid-19 will... Continue Reading →

Why Do Immigrants Get Covid-19 More Often?

SWEDEN. Persons born in other countries have been more severly inflicted by the corona virus than ethnic Swedes. Some researchers have found the reason why. The Public Health Agency of Sweden presented statistics on Wednesday April 15th showing that people born abroad are overrepresented both among those who have tested positive for covid-19 and among... Continue Reading →

School Cover Up Corona Among the Staff

SWEDEN. The area of Järva in Stockholm is in the headlines once again because of the Corona outbreak. Two people working at an elementary school have been tested positive for the Covid 19 virus, which means that they are so sick that they have been admitted to a hospital because they are the only ones... Continue Reading →

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