Teachers Choose Unemployment

SWEDEN. At the same time as it's a shortage of teachers more of them choose to leave their job. The reason is the bad work enviroment. Ulla Nyström Theander is the principal at a school in Härnösand and she says that the attitude towards teachers have changed a lot. For example how the pupils respond... Continue Reading →

The new Government: Amanda & Åsa

SWEDEN. Two new ministers from the Green Party are especially interresting. Both of them are really naive when it comes to Islamism. One day before it became public that Amanda Lind, 38, would be the new Minister of Culture she described the former party member and minister Mehmet Kaplan as a pioneer and hero. He's an islamist who called those who traveled to fight for... Continue Reading →

Will Sweden Go Bankrupt?

SWEDEN. Many municipalitys are going to have to raise their taxes because the economic help from the state have ended and they must start paying for their immigrants. And many more will have to skimp to make their municipality break even.  All over Sweden municipalitys that are more or less going bankrupt. Malmö have survived... Continue Reading →

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