ISIS Controls Refugee Camp?

GREECE. The refugee center on the island Lesbos is said to be the worst camp in Europe and that it's full of jihadists from a group that's connected with ISIS. Reporters from Deutsche Welle placed spy cams on former inmates to see what the camp's really like. There's more than 8000 people living in Camp Moira, … Continue reading ISIS Controls Refugee Camp?

Convicted Terrorist Back in Sweden

SWEDEN. Al Hasani Amer, 22-years old, were convicted for being a member of terror organisation ISIS and possesion of armament in Greece last year. First he got 15 years, but it was lowered to 7 years and 3 months. But for some reason he's already back in Sweden. Amer was arrested with another man, a Swedish citizen … Continue reading Convicted Terrorist Back in Sweden

Persection of Christians – week 27

2018-06-03 During the last year and a half the Myanmar military have bombed 60 churches and turned some of them into Buddhist pagodas. The Kachin people who are 95% Christian are beaing treatened increasingly worse. Murders and rape have occured. A spirituality center for Franciscan nuns in the southern Philippines were raided by both police and … Continue reading Persection of Christians – week 27

Migrants Are Coming

EUROPE. About 80 000-100 000 migrants are walking through the Balkans on a new smuggling route. Only 20% are refugees and the others are economic migrants whereof many families. It have been estimated that they come from 45 different countries. The new route goes from Greece through Albania, Montenegro and Serbia to Bosnia & Herzegovina … Continue reading Migrants Are Coming

Arif Mo

SWEDEN. Dear child has many names, kärt barn har många namn, is a Swedish saying that applies to Afghan refugee Arif Moradi. Or Arif Mo. Or Niklas Mo or maybe Alexander Arif Moradi. But he is only dear to a group of middleaged women. The rest of us think he's a creep. Arif came to … Continue reading Arif Mo