Skråmo Has Been Caught

SWEDEN. Michael Skråmo, a Norwegian Swede who converted to Islam and joined ISIS, have been taken yesterday by Kurdish forces in Baghouz in Syria. He arrived in Syria in 2014 with his wife Amanda and their four children. She died by a grenade two months ago. Their now seven children were in Baghouz with Skråmo when... Continue Reading →


How to Integrate ISIS-Terrorists

SWEDEN. The sob stories of the ISIS terrorists continue and the left have started their crusade to change the narrative: these poor Swedes must come home so they can be saved. We couldn't stop them from radicalizing when they lived here, but if they only come home the Swedish state will embrace them, pour money... Continue Reading →

Power Struggle in Gothenburg

SWEDEN. Ann-Sofie Hermansson is the group leader for the Social Democratic Party in Gothenburg. She has now been driven out of office for critizicing honour cultures and Islamism. Ann-Sofie is one of the few Social Democrats that I like. She is down to earth and sensible, but that has unfortunately given her enemies. Her main... Continue Reading →

The State of Sweden

Do you remember Elin Ersson? The crying activist who hindered a plane from taking off as she wanted to stop the deportation of a man on it. In a new, ten minutes long movie called "Grounded" the incident is dramatised by actors and Elin is portrayed as a hero. I guess that it doesn't mention... Continue Reading →

More Animal Cruelty

SWEDEN. Last week two men got sentenced for killing a dog and many people have reacted with disgust to the video of what they put the poor dog through. I don't know if animal cruelty is increasing, but it sure feels like it. It was a 36-year old man from Gothenburg and a 20-year old from... Continue Reading →

The state of Sweden

SWEDEN. Here's a summary of some things that have happened recently. The police are informing the public on how to act regarding to the risk of terror attacks while christmas shopping. The advice is to be extra observant in pedestrian streets, on public transports and at different events. You shouldn't wear headphones and always check... Continue Reading →

Massive Strike against Terrorists

SWEDEN. The Swedish Security Service and the police have performed a big sweep on several places early this morning.   The targets were in several places in Gothenburg as well as Ale and Surte, all in the west part of Sweden. The bomb squad, dog patrols, task force, investigators and many policemen worked together.  Idyll vs... Continue Reading →

Wanted to Hire Mainly Non-Swedes

SWEDEN. The traffic agency in Gothenburg have been convicted for discrimination because they targeted applicants born outside Scandinavia. It's in the new rules of the municipality of Gothenburg to use positive discrimination to get more managers with a different ethnicity than Scandinavian. The orders from council was to "heavily increase" that group during 2018. So... Continue Reading →

Study about Handgrenade Attacks

SWEDEN. The number of explosions with handgrenades, used during violent crimes, are now the highest in Europe. In eight years time there have been 116 incidents. Two persons have died and nine have been injured. 28% of the attacks targeted people directly. Gunnar Appelgren, criminal detective specialised in gang crimes, commented that these numbers are extreme... Continue Reading →

Make the Islamists Feel Good

SWEDEN. The social services in Gothenburg have had close contact with those who have returned after fighting for ISIS. In an interview from this weekend one of their workers talk about how they approach the Islamists.  About 150 people have returned from Syria, but many have chosen to stay there. Their only wish, according to... Continue Reading →

A high fence with Barbwire

SWEDEN. A housing society for a co-operative apartment house in Kviberg, Gothenburg, have raised a 2,5 meter fence with barbwire around their property. The reason is their next door neighbours. The residents in the house next to them, which belongs to the municipality, cause trouble. They steal, destroy property (for example a playground) and there... Continue Reading →

Crime & Feeling Unsafe

SWEDEN. A report was released earlier this week about organized crime that showed there's about 15 000 persons involved. The researchers used information from the police and the Swedish Security Service. After removing 1 817 persons that didn't have a personal identity number, which means they are non-Swedes, they had 15 244 persons as their... Continue Reading →

No apartment for big Somali Family

SWEDEN. A Somali family live in an apartment in Biskopsgården, Gothenburg, with two rooms, one kitchen and toilet. It's only 62 square meter big. Now they want a bigger apartment. Abdir, the father, arrived in Sweden first and got the lease on the apartment 7 years ago. 6 years ago he brought his wife, Seinab, and... Continue Reading →

How to Handle Honour Culture

SWEDEN. Many was looking forward to the new action plan on how to handle honour culture and violence in Gothenburg. But it turned out to be a disappointment. Instead of clear-cut advice and distinct descriptions the personnel got a plan that problematize the concept of honour violence. The plan says that honour violence it's a... Continue Reading →

Team Excluded from League because of Violence

SWEDEN. Two soccer teams from no go zones in Gothenburg have been excluded for their behaviour and know their are protesting outside the football stadium Ullevi. It's Bergsjöns SK (earlier called Somaliska SK) and Angereds SK that won't be allowed to take part in the series game. The reason is that they have been so... Continue Reading →

Studies of Whiteness

SWEDEN. Do you remember when anti-racism was about being colourblind and "sitting together at a table of brotherhood"? Now it's about skincolour all the time and the colour of your skin determines all. The university in Gothenburg have started a new network that will critically study whiteness. The philosophy behind this is that if you... Continue Reading →

Together We Can Change Institutions

SWEDEN. I don't know if this news story have reached beyond the countrys borders, but this is what have made us Swedes angry pissed off this week. It united the left, the right and those in the middle which was rather nice. Denis is six years old and in 2015 he and his mother applied... Continue Reading →

Leftist Madness

SWEDEN/USA. Politicians in Gothenburg have used an app with a timer to measure how long each person spoke during their meetings as a way of making power structures visible. So what was the result? After investing time and effort in this project, and doubtlessly getting paid with tax money for it, we now know that... Continue Reading →

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