Tried to Stop Robbery – Was Murdered

SWEDEN. On the evening of December 14 Kjäll Gustavsson, 57, was visiting a restaurant in Gislaved when three young men, described as kids by the media, attempted to rob the place. Kjäll intervened and that cost him his life. The robbers entered the kitchen with the staff and kept demanding money even though the restaurant... Continue Reading →

Is This the New Normal?

SWEDEN. Bombthreats and explosions have become a daily occurence here and nobody hardly reacts to headlines anymore. The bomb squad are currently hiring to cope with the demand and between January and September there were 172 incidents. Here's what happened this week. 14/10: A bomb exploded outside the door of the police station in Staffanstorp... Continue Reading →

A primary School with Fights & Knives

SWEDEN. Almost 30 000 lives in the municipality of Gislaved, but even in such a small town there's worrying trends. In the school named after the flower cowslip (what an ugly name! It's gullviva, golden primrose, in Swedish) the children are between the ages of 10 and 12 years old. They are feeling afraid and... Continue Reading →

Will Sweden Go Bankrupt?

SWEDEN. Many municipalitys are going to have to raise their taxes because the economic help from the state have ended and they must start paying for their immigrants. And many more will have to skimp to make their municipality break even.  All over Sweden municipalitys that are more or less going bankrupt. Malmö have survived... Continue Reading →

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