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Tortured Couple for Hours

SWEDEN. Erik, 18, and his girlfriend Tindra, 18, attended a small party at their friend Pa Nyassis, 21, apartment. It almost got them killed. Nyassi is a Muslim immigrant from Gambia and Erik got to know him through mutual friends. They had a good relationship and Erik even lived there from time to time. The… Continue reading Tortured Couple for Hours

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Italy Deport most Jihadists in Europe

ITALY. Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini have, in my opinion, worked wonders with Italy and it seems like it's finally getting back on track.  I can't even imagine how it must have been when thousand after thousands of migrants showed up on their shores and they were forced to take care of… Continue reading Italy Deport most Jihadists in Europe

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Migrant Sexually Assaulted 90-year old Woman

GERMANY. A 21-year old migrant from Gambia have been arrested suspected for robbery and sexual assualt of a 90-year old woman living in a nursing home. He went into her room in the morning and while she was sleeping he assaulted her. When she woke up she tried to defend herself. That's when he tried… Continue reading Migrant Sexually Assaulted 90-year old Woman