No brotherly Love in Islam

CANADA. And when Mufassil Islam say it one knows it's true. He is a lawyer, journalist and human rights advocate and an ex-muslim theologian who used to teach islam and sharia-law. This interview by Gad Saad is something you must see!


Gad Saad & Hanif Bali

SWEDEN. Hanif Bali is one of my favourite politicians and he represent the Moderate Party in the Parliament. He is smart, funny and speaks his mind which has earned him a lot of respect. Except from the left who are outraged every day and call him an Uncle Tom. The good hate. Here he talks … Continue reading Gad Saad & Hanif Bali

A chat with imam Tawhidi

CANADA. Imam Tawhidi, also known as Imam of peace, is a muslim who is pro-integration and pro-Israel. In this chat Gad Saad do a good job with asking the hard questions how Tawhidi handles the violence in islam, but I'm not convinced. I think it sounds like a lot of mental gymnastics. And in this … Continue reading A chat with imam Tawhidi