The Solution: More Immigration

SWEDEN. Are there any other countries in the world that believe that they can solve their problems with more of what caused the problem to begin with? Many municipalities are in economic distress and 19 out of 21 county councils are close to bankrupcy, but one can still read how some propose that the solution … Continue reading The Solution: More Immigration


This Isn’t cruelty to Animals

CANADA/UK. Swedens former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt once said that the market for halal-meat was money just waiting to be made and wanted to remove unnecessary rules in that sector. I think that he would have another take on that if he had seen this video. Some Pakistani men brought a cow to the backyard of … Continue reading This Isn’t cruelty to Animals

A Mothers Touch

SWEDEN. Former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, the schmuck who held the Open Your Hearts-speech and said that we could take in many immigrants because when he flew over Sweden he saw so much space where people could live, has opened his mouth again to enrich us with his wisdom.  The way to handle gangs, drugs, … Continue reading A Mothers Touch

Leftists Say the Darndest Things II

SWEDEN. There is no end to the stupidity that falls out of leftists mouths... - But also for this young man who commits this horrible act. What have he been through? What was his childhood like? What trauma does he carry? Dan Eliasson, former Chief of Police, about a somali man who stabbed twenty two … Continue reading Leftists Say the Darndest Things II