Jew Harassed by Arabs on the Metro

FRANCE. Last month the Interior Ministry published a report that out of 1 142 hate crimes in 2019 687 of them were anti-Semitic. Late on Saturday February first a Jewish man wearing a yarmulke was approached by four Arab men on a train close to the Jaures station in Paris. They asked for a cigarette... Continue Reading →

Confessed He Burned Pilot Alive

SWEDEN. Osama Krayem was born by Syrian migrants in Malmö 1992 and grew up in the no go zone Rosengård. He went from takin part in a movie about successful integration to belonging to the inner circle of ISIS which he joined in 2014. Moaz al-Kasasbeh was a fighterpilot in the Jordan army who was... Continue Reading →

Muslims Want Sharia

FRANCE. In September of this year French Institute for Public Opinions (IFOP) conducted a poll for Le Point magazine. The result is very disturbing. When foreign born Muslims were asked if they wanted sharia to become the law in France 46% were in favour of that. Among the French-born Muslims 18% wanted sharia. 41% of Muslims asked believe... Continue Reading →

Update on Police Department Attack

FRANCE. We are told the same things after every terrorattack and that that narrative slowly falls apart. The attack that killed four in a police departement in Paris is now being investigated as a case of terrorism. The murderers wife has been questioned at length and could provide evidence that he had contact with Salafists... Continue Reading →

He Was a Muslim – Nobody’s Surprised

FRANCE. Another terrorattack which doesn't gets much media attention. Are we getting jaded or is it because the attacker almost everytime is Muslim? From BFMTV 3/10: Four police officers were killed on Thursday at the police headquarters in Paris. The attacker was shot. He was an administrative official in that préfecture….According to reports, the assailant... Continue Reading →

“Swedish” Woman Arrested for Terrorism

UK. Yesterday the media trumpeted out that a Swedish woman had been arrested at the Gatwick airport and that she's suspected of terror crimes. It didn't take more than one or two hours before they changed their tune to "woman with a Swedish citizenship". This is a classic example of how one have to interpret... Continue Reading →

Attacks on Christians in Europe

GERMANY/FRANCE. Attacks against Christians and churches are getting more attention, perhaps because there's a pattern one can see all over Europe. The watchdog organisation Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe noted that 30 different incidents against Christians took place between April 1st and June 10th in Germany alone. Many of the attacks... Continue Reading →

Mob Rule, Violence & Sharia Complience

Medical doctor Keith Wolverson in the UK is facing an inquiry for discrimination that might lead to him losing his job at a walk-in centre at Royal Stoke University Hospital in Stoke-on-Trent. He was treating a girl and asked her mother to remove her niqab because he had a hard time hearing what she said.... Continue Reading →

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