Study Epidemic Islamophobia this Summer

USA. The Catholic Theological Union in Chicago will be having a summer course called Islam, Muslims & Islamophobia: A Catholic Response aimed to improve Muslim-Christian relations.  The teacher who will be teaching the course is Scott C. Alexander who describes himself as a "scholar-activist". A leftist teacher?! Who would've thought! His aim is to build... Continue Reading →


Father Hamel

Today it's two years since Father Jacques Hamel were murdered by two ISIS-members when he was celebrating mass at church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray in Normandy, France.  Father Hamel was a courageous, hardworking and humble man who cared a lot about others and did what he could to prevent racism. Even though he was 85 years old... Continue Reading →

The donkeyrider?

SWEDEN. Every summer the Swedish Radio (SR) let a number of both famous and unfamous people send an hour where they share their story, thoughts and favourite music. It's very popular and on 3/7 it was Kent Wistis turn.  For disclosure I have to mention that I haven't listened to Wistis broadcast, mainly because I... Continue Reading →

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