Politician Lied about Racist Attack

FINLAND. Social democratic politician Abdirahim Hussein have been caught lying about being the victim of a rasist attack. In early November Hussein claimed that he had suffered a racist attack when he was driving a woman in his taxi. The customer had told him to go back to Somalia and defend his country so Hussein… Continue reading Politician Lied about Racist Attack

The differences in Scandinavian Immigration

SWEDEN. The politicians are constantly assuring us that immigration is at a minimum level now. Well, the numbers tells another story. Below you can see the number of granted residence permits for asylum seekers in the Scandinavian countries in 2018. Immigration of family members or criminals posing as labour migrants aren't included. Sweden: 25 114Norway:… Continue reading The differences in Scandinavian Immigration

New Statistics about Rape Are a Sham

SWEDEN. The Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) have released a new report in which they claim to prove that immigration has nothing to do with the increase of sexual crimes. The Council have a long history of explaining all crimes related to immigrants as caused by socio-economic factors or that the criminals are forced into… Continue reading New Statistics about Rape Are a Sham

Universal income Doesn’t Work

FINLAND. The left is in love with the idea of universal income which is a monthly subsidy that you get regardless of age, status or salary. The Finnish government tried it for two year, but scapped it after one. The experiment consisted of a group of 2000 long time unemployed people that were selected randomly. Each… Continue reading Universal income Doesn’t Work

The State of Scandinavia

The Danish government has presented a set of laws and actions and Minister of Migration Inger Støjberg says that refugees should only remain in Denmark as long as they are in need of protection. When they doesn't need help any longer refugees are to return home. To apply for citizenship you have to have been… Continue reading The State of Scandinavia

The State of Scandinavia

The police in Finland have produced new instruction videos for immigrants and they were translated into more languages than before. In them they are very clear with what they expect from the immigrants and how things work in Finland. Like how it doesn't mean anything or is an invitaion if a female look you in… Continue reading The State of Scandinavia

15 most Racist Countries in Europe

Yesterday I posted about the least racist countries in the world and today it's about those which is the most racist. I have used information from Insider Monkey.  The Czech RepublicBulgariaLithuaniaUkraineSlovakiaMaltaEstoniaRomaniaItalyGreeceLatviaPolandPortugalHungaryFinland

Mild Sentences for Gangrape

FINLAND. Five Afghan men were recently convicted for gang raping a 19-year old Finnish woman i July. She had chatted with on of them online and they decided to meet up, but when he picked her up there were two other men in the car. After a while they drove back to her apartment and all… Continue reading Mild Sentences for Gangrape

Persecution of Christians – week 48

Asia Bibi is still in Pakistan and haven't been able to meet two of her children in order to keep them protected. But they talk on the phone every day. The family have had to change home four times since the aquittal and family friend Joseph says: She is an incredible woman! She has kept… Continue reading Persecution of Christians – week 48