It all Comes Crashing Down

SWEDEN. Uppdrag Granskning, a TV-show on state owned SVT . It's investigative journalism and on Thursday the topic was the economic crisis brought on by immigration. The journalist visited the municipality of Filipstad as they, along with 109 other municipalities in Sweden, are close to bancrupcy. The city lacks 30 million kronor ($3 064 194)... Continue Reading →

More Municipalities in Financial Distress

SWEDEN. More municipalities have been featured in the news because of their catastrophic economy which is the product of the massive immigration. Hedemora were planning to get a surplus of 10 million kronor ($963 474). But instead they fall short by 30 million kronor ($2 890 424). The costs come from economic support, care for... Continue Reading →

Suspected Terror Crime at High School

SWEDEN. This morning there was a loud explosion at a high school in the city of Hässleholm. It was around 9 AM that an explosive charge went off in the cellar. The police suspects that somebody has produced it themselves with the purpose to hurt as many students as possible. They suspect that it's a... Continue Reading →

More Election Fraud

SWEDEN. There have been a lot on the news about different kinds of election fraud and I have written about it before. I can't remeber that it have been like this any other time, but it must have happened then too. Was it ignored or did we just not see? It's the placing of ballots... Continue Reading →

Literally last Night in Sweden

SWEDEN. I listened to the news as I was drinking my coffe this morning and it was like they were trying to convince us to vote for a change. So I looked into the crimes that occured yesterday and in many of the cases I found the usual markers (moped, big group, outside, toilet) that signal... Continue Reading →

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