Vandalised Churches During 2019

SWEDEN. I have tried my best to compile all the cases of vandalised churches during this year. Someone destroyed gates that led down to a grave chanchel in Trefaldighetskyrkan i Karlskrona. One year before the organ was smashed by a man who was sentenced to forensic psychiatric care and after that someone have left garbage... Continue Reading →

Small Town Crime

SWEDEN. One would think that small towns would be spared from the increased and roughened crime, but that is unfortunately not the case. In Falköping a new phenomenon has appeared. There's a teenage gang who move around on bikes and mopeds and when they pass a person they cut him with a knife or knives.... Continue Reading →

When Honour Is Paramont

SWEDEN. He attacked his wife when she was walking from her place of work to her car. Why? She wanted a divorce.  The family came to Sweden in 2013 with their three children and settled in Falköping. The only thing that the man did all day was to smoke and use the computer. He never... Continue Reading →

Give Them Wifi!

SWEDEN. During the summer there has been a new phenomena in the small town of Falköping. Schools have been broken into and vandalized by teenagers who want to get access to the schools wifi. This is an increasing problem and now the schools have decided to turn off the wifi. But the interesting part is... Continue Reading →

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