Little girl Robbed

SWEDEN. On the afternoon of January 31 a 8-year old girl was robbed by three young men in Eskilstuna. The men stopped her and searched her pockets. They took her phone. She was very afraid, but they didn't threaten her or use violence. She managed to get home and one of her parents called the... Continue Reading →


The no go-zones of Sweden

SWEDEN. I have mentioned "our" no go-zones several times, but never listed the 61 areas that the police call vulnerable areas (such a stupid name). They divide them into three categories: 1. Particularly vulnurable areas - are signified by social problems and criminality that has caused a prevailing unwillingness to take part in legal procedings... Continue Reading →

Salafism Increased by ten in ten Years

SWEDEN. A new study from the National Defence College shows that when it comes to violent islamism the situation is far worse than anybody expected. It may lead to a hostile attitude towards democracy and intolerance and discrimination. After reading the report I think we're already there. Magnus Ranstorp, terrorism researcher, is one of the... Continue Reading →

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