Teen Murdered by Friend

SWEDEN. A teenage boy was murdered last week in Märsta by a 16-year old who beat him to death. The murderer is has been arrested. The two teenagers were friends and the boys body was found on February 13 in a forestry area hidden by refuse. The murderer had told a friend about where the... Continue Reading →


World Watch List 2019

The World Watch List 2019 have been released from Open Doors ranking the countries where Christians are persecuted. The countries with extreme persecution is: North KoreaAfghanistanSomaliaLibyaPakistanSudanEritreaYemenIranIndiaSyria In eight of these cases the source of the persecution is Islam. The peaceful religion who really respect the People of the Book. https://vimeo.com/310377587

Many Go home to Somalia for Holiday

NORWAY. The Norweigan newspaper Aftenposten have looked into the phenomena of immigrants who go back to the country they fled from for vacation. They found that one out of four Somalis had gone home for vacation or to see relatives after they got their residence permit. But there are also immigrants from Iraq (71%), Iran... Continue Reading →

Persecution of Christians – week 1

Africa was the deadliest continent for Catholic clergy in 2018. 40 were killed worldwide and 21 of them died in Africa (19 priests, one seminarian and one lay worker). In 2017 there were 23 Deaths so the number has risen. South Africa have been the deadlies for seven years in a row. Three of the... Continue Reading →

What Happened to Our Rage

SWEDEN. Many have read about the awful gangrape in central Stockholm a week ago where a 20-year old woman were raped by two men from Somalia and one from Eritrea. Two of them had been punished before for assault, theft and drug offences.  A journalist wondered in her column where peoples rage are. Why are... Continue Reading →

Raped Coworker – Stays in Sweden

SWEDEN. The woman, in her thirties, went into the cafés larder to fetch something when her co worker pinned her against the refrigerator so she couldn't get away. Then he put both of his hands inside her vagina.  The 27-year old man came to Sweden from Eritrea and was granted asylum in 2014. He got... Continue Reading →

Helen Was Imprisoned for Her Faith

ERITREA. Every singer dreams of realising their music to the world and that it will be possible to make a living doing what they love. But in 13 of May 2004, shortly after her gospel album T' Kebaeku (I Am Anointed) was released, Helen Berhane was arrested.  Eritrea is a dictature and Human Rights Watch says... Continue Reading →

Persecution of Christians – week 35

The Chaldean Patriarch of Baghdad have written about how the Christians in Iraq are caught between survival and migration. During the last 13 years the situation has worsened and violence is very common. Even though Christians is the original people of Iraq they can no longer flourish there. The persecution of Christians in Iran keep... Continue Reading →

Increased number of rapes this summer

SWEDEN. In the region Västra Götaland, which include Gothenburg, the number of reported rapes have increased in May and June. The same is true when it comes to the entire country.  137 rapes were reported in Västra Götaland in May and that's 22% more than 2017. 18 of these rapes took place outside. During the... Continue Reading →

Ten out of twelve rapists are immigrants

DENMARK. The Danish newspaper BT have gone through rape verdict during the time January 2016 to May 2017. The Minister of Integration and Foreigners Inger Støjberg say that the findings are absolutely horrible and shows that something is terribly wrong with some of the enviroments connected with immigrants.  Twelve convicted men are a part of the... Continue Reading →

Persecution of Christians – week 29

Indian Christians have been attacked fifteen times during fourteen days. Read about the attacks here! A pastor and seven other Christians in Burkina Faso were kidnapped on 3 of June and it has been believed that they had been released. New information shows that they are still captives. Read this article about how Coptic women... Continue Reading →

Peace between Eritrea & Ethiopia

ERITREA/ETHIOPIA. A Joint Declaration of Peace and Friendship have been signed by both countries. They say that this ends the war between them and a new era of peace have begun. Nice with some good news. I hope the lives of the people will improve now.

Persecution of christians – week 24

A 24-year old man from Pakistan was beaten to death by the police. They were blackmailing his relative, saying that if the relative didn't give them money they would file false charges against him. They are now pressing the mans family to drop the charges and reconcile with them. A catholic priest was shot and... Continue Reading →

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