Why Do Immigrants Get Covid-19 More Often?

SWEDEN. Persons born in other countries have been more severly inflicted by the corona virus than ethnic Swedes. Some researchers have found the reason why. The Public Health Agency of Sweden presented statistics on Wednesday April 15th showing that people born abroad are overrepresented both among those who have tested positive for covid-19 and among... Continue Reading →

World Watch List 2020

Open Doors released their World Watch List 2020 today and it's, as usual, a very interesting read. Christians are the biggest persecuted group in the world and it's increasing. As many as 260 million Christians in 50 countries are subjected to high or extreme persecution. Another fifty million in 23 countries outside the top 50... Continue Reading →

Decent Ones Like Nobel & the Social Democrats

SWEDEN. The Nobel Prize celebrations are coming up and all the leaders of the political parties are invited to the banquet. But not the Sweden Democrats. The reason for this are, according to the Nobel Foundation, that the party isn't like other parties. They made their decision ten years ago and that the party is... Continue Reading →

Study Finds Migrant Voices

SWEDEN. A new study from the Institute for Future Studies in Stockholm have been released. 6 516 persons in 54 municipalities participated. One purpose was to explore how non-European migrants view integration and another was to find out the values of migrants depending on their country of origin and other background factors. The entire report... Continue Reading →

It all Comes Crashing Down

SWEDEN. Uppdrag Granskning, a TV-show on state owned SVT . It's investigative journalism and on Thursday the topic was the economic crisis brought on by immigration. The journalist visited the municipality of Filipstad as they, along with 109 other municipalities in Sweden, are close to bancrupcy. The city lacks 30 million kronor ($3 064 194)... Continue Reading →

Christian Persecution: Hear Our Story

I have collected some articles and reports about Christian persecution that you might find interesting: 11 Christians Killed every day for Their Descision to Follow JesusAnnual report of the U.S. commission on International Religious Freedom Bishop of Truro’s Independent Review for the Foreign Secretary of FCO Support for Persecuted ChristiansBritians war on Christianity: Part 1Nigeria... Continue Reading →

30 Christians Arrested in Eritrea

ERITREA. On June 3 30 Christians were arrested in three nondenominational churches in Asmara. Pentecostal Christians were targeted in a raid as they were praying together. Since they aren't recogniced by the government they are particularly concentrated on by the police who raid their homes and churches. The arrested individuals are said to be freed... Continue Reading →

Catholic Clinics Forced to Close in Eritrea

ERITREA. The Eritrean government are closing down all Catholic run health facilities in the country according to the Catholic bishop in the country. The Catholic health facilities that have been closed are three hospitals, two health centres and 16 clinics together serving 170 000 persons every year. The government security officers have removed the staff... Continue Reading →

Woman Pushed from Balcony

SWEDEN. On Thursday the 13th there was another horrible accident when a woman fell from the third floor of an apartment house. At first the Twitter rumour was that this wasn't, off course you racist pig, an immigrant who had pushed his wife or daughter over the railing. It was an accident that took happened... Continue Reading →

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