The Government Want to Take Over Companies

SWEDEN. The Left Party (V), formerly known as The Left Part The Communists, use the Corona crisis to increase the states control over Swedish companies. Ulla Andersson and the party leader Jonas Sjöstedt wrote in a debate article 7/4 that if the state support private companies economically during this crisis it should get to take... Continue Reading →

Greta Thunbergs Father Writes Her FB-posts

SWEDEN. This is another sign that Greta isn't the child protégé that she has been depicted as. A bug on Facebook made it possible to see who had written the posts and it showed that the author on Gretas page is her father, Svante Thunberg. Indian UN delegate and climat activist Adarsh Prathap has also written... Continue Reading →

Greta Caught Lying

GERMANY. She wants people to stop flying and driving, but she only shows how impossible and uncomfortable the alternative is. And how it's only made possible by others taking the plane so Greta is able to virtuesignal. And msm keeps quiet.

More on Greta

USA. I really recommend that you listen or watch to this episode of Matt Walshs show. He talks about Greta Thunberg and climate hysteria and really hits the head of the nail. Then he goes on to talk about that Denzel Washington has been offered the part of Magneto in a new X-men movie and... Continue Reading →

Greta Thunberg Is close to Tears

USA. Greta Thunberg held a speech the other day at the UN scolding all listeners for not taking the climate problem seriously. People are praising her, but I get a feeling that many feel just as uncomfortable by the spectacle as I do. I find it painful to watch Gretas speech. Embarrasing. It's an understatement... Continue Reading →

Greta – Prophetess of the Apocalypse

SWEDEN. Aron Flam has released an interview with Brendan O'Neil, who commited the crime of questioning this young prophetess. Did you know that Greta Thunberg almost cried when she held her speech at the European Parliament? Apperently that was what happened. My opinion on that vary from rolling my eyes at this overemotional child with... Continue Reading →

The State of Sweden

The mosque in Växjö have applied that the call to prayer on Fridays will be made permanent and I doubt that it will be denied. And my prediction is that there will be requests made within a couple of years for calls to prayer on more days and after some additional time the mosque will... Continue Reading →

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