Activist Sentenced

SWEDEN. The activist Elin Ersson stopped a plane from taking off in July last year. Today she got her sentence. Elin was sentenced for violating the aviation law, but claim that she's innocent as she doesn't see that her behaviour is forbidden by that law. But she was sentenced to pay 3 000 kronor ($323). … Continue reading Activist Sentenced


The State of Sweden

Do you remember Elin Ersson? The crying activist who hindered a plane from taking off as she wanted to stop the deportation of a man on it. In a new, ten minutes long movie called "Grounded" the incident is dramatised by actors and Elin is portrayed as a hero. I guess that it doesn't mention … Continue reading The State of Sweden

Confiscate Immigrants Possessions

SWEDEN. Rickard Jomshof, representing the Sweden Democrats in parliament, has produced a bill that immigrants should have their valuable possessions confiscated. Ok, that sounds bad, but there's an explanation. If you need welfare in this country you have to sell all that you own that are valuable and spend all money on your bankaccount. If you … Continue reading Confiscate Immigrants Possessions

Refugee Activist Charged for Stopping Deportion

SWEDEN. Elin Ersson became an international hero when she stopped a plane from deporting an immigrant. Celebrities tweeted about her great deed since it was a chance to virtue-signal. Everybody thought she was a hero, but then it started to go downhill.  I think everybody has heard that the man that she "saved" had been … Continue reading Refugee Activist Charged for Stopping Deportion

Activists stop deportations

SWEDEN. Activists have started to buy seats in airplanes that are going to deport immigrants whose recidense permits have been rejected. They do this to make it impossible for the plane to start. Yesterday it happened again. The question is how the activists know which plane will be used since the airline doesn't know until … Continue reading Activists stop deportations