If I Won the Election…

SWEDEN. What would I do if I ran the country? What would you do? It's interesting to toy with the idea. Here's what I came up with. Raise vagues and make the working conditions better for polices and nurses. Try to get those who have quit to come back by making them good offers. Improve... Continue Reading →


So it Will be Correct

SWEDEN. This is Jens Ganman and Magnus Carlsson satire movie Så att det blir rätt! about Sweden where they use the real voices of those who are depicted. It didn't take long for Youtube to take it down, but now it's back up. Unfortunately there's no subtitles, but perhaps that will change. 

Sweden in Years to Come?

SWEDEN. A three minute video from Angry Foreigner which is a collage of the last four years that may be where we are hearing again. There are English subtitles. The scenes in the beginning where the politicians wave flags took place on the Pride festival on August third and they were all promising not to... Continue Reading →

Sweden’s on fire

SWEDEN. After weeks of sunshine and not a drop of rain fires have broken out all over the country. For a while it was 80 forestfires, but now they are 68. Many of them are probably deliberate. And now we're in the situation that some of the fires are out of control. We have no chance... Continue Reading →

Low polls for the Socialdemocrats

SWEDEN. Elections to the swedish riksdag, city and county councils are taking place this september and new polls now show major changes compared to how people have usually voted. The Swedish Social Democratic Party (S) only got 25,2% and this is the lowest support they have ever gotten. (S) have always been the biggest party in... Continue Reading →

The Swedish Police

SWEDEN. The Swedish police have had a lot of problems the last couple of years. Crimes have increased, working conditions have deteriorated, wages are low and many choose to quit. And on top of it all Dan Eliasson was the National Police Commissioner. Yes, him with the bracelets. A new survey shows that 80% of... Continue Reading →

Leftists Say the Darndest Things II

SWEDEN. There is no end to the stupidity that falls out of leftists mouths... - But also for this young man who commits this horrible act. What have he been through? What was his childhood like? What trauma does he carry? Dan Eliasson, former Chief of Police, about a somali man who stabbed twenty two... Continue Reading →

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