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A Summary of the Democratic Presidential Candidates

USA. The Democratic presidential candidates are debating and touring non-stop, but what they say are, as expected, contradictory. They are all, more or less, proposing the same things which leaves personal attacks as the only way to exclude their opponents. But though that's the case they doesn't aim for the others sore spots even though… Continue reading A Summary of the Democratic Presidential Candidates

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The Quran to Be Rewritten

CHINA are treating their Muslim minorities even worse than they treat Christians and they will be rewriting the quran as well as the bible. It's not hard to envisage that the Muslims will unleash hell in their protests. It was finalised by the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference who want a… Continue reading The Quran to Be Rewritten


China Threathens Swedish Politicians

CHINA/SWEDEN. Gui Minhai, a Chinese-Swedish publisher who has been in Chinese detention since October 17 2015, was awarded the Tucholsky Prize, a literary scholarship, yesterday. But the Chinese government doesn't approve at all and turned up their rethoric another notch when ambassador Gui Congyou delivered a direct threat to those involved in the matter. They… Continue reading China Threathens Swedish Politicians

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No Other Gods Before the Party

CHINA. The Ten Commandments are the foundation of the JudeoChristian culture and without them both the religions and its societies crumbles. That's probably what the Chinese government are counting on and that's why they want the churches in the country to remove some of the commandments and replace them with quotes from President Xi Jinping.… Continue reading No Other Gods Before the Party


More on Greta

USA. I really recommend that you listen or watch to this episode of Matt Walshs show. He talks about Greta Thunberg and climate hysteria and really hits the head of the nail. Then he goes on to talk about that Denzel Washington has been offered the part of Magneto in a new X-men movie and… Continue reading More on Greta