Norrby Isn't Sweden Anymore

SWEDEN. Norrby is a no go-zone in central Borås and the municipality has recently released a status report about the area. It shows something completely different from the Swedish society. Norrby has turned into a segregated enclave where the clan, Islam and honour direct the rules, not the Swedish law. Many of the residents in … Continue reading Norrby Isn't Sweden Anymore

Christian Woman Flees from Family in Somalia

SOMALIA is a Muslim nation and the second worst country in the world for Christians according to Open Doors World Watch List. Sa’aada became interested in reading the books that are considered as holy by Islam and after reading the Bible she secretly converted to Christianity. That was in the late 2000's. In 2010 she … Continue reading Christian Woman Flees from Family in Somalia

Children Attacked Seniors with Stones

SWEDEN. On Thursday the 26 of September a group of senior citizens were attacked by children as they were leaving their bingo parlour. And it wasn't the first time. This happened in an area called Kronogården in the city of Trollhättan and it's considered to be the worst "no go area" in the region. The … Continue reading Children Attacked Seniors with Stones

The Hijab Debate

SWEDEN. I truly welcome every article, blogpost and tweet that question the hijab and in particular when it comes to children wearing it. There's a lot of Somali immigrants where I live so, unfortunately, I've grown accustomed to seeing girls under the age of ten wearing the hijab. I've even seen some cases of 2-3 … Continue reading The Hijab Debate