Aylan Kurdis Father “Fled” to Get New Teeth

TURKEY. I had never seen this part of the interview, probably because the media wanted to protect their narrative. But that little boy didn't die because us Europeans are racist, but because his father was greedy. https://youtu.be/QZUuoaq1MLM

Gay Iraqi Minister Commits Fraud in Sweden

52-year old Najah al-Shammari is the well-paid minister of defense in IRAQ who, at the same time, is a refugee on sick leave in SWEDEN. He takes idea of split personality to a whole new level. al-Shammari became the minister of defense this June and he has a military background, including a M.A. in military… Continue reading Gay Iraqi Minister Commits Fraud in Sweden

Didn't Know it Was Illegal to Beat Children

SWEDEN. A woman from Afghanistan, who has admitted she has hit her three daughters for years, got her punishment lowered because she didn't know it was illegal. The woman and her family came to Sweden in 2015 from Iran which there isn't any reason to flee from. If you're not Christian or want to take… Continue reading Didn't Know it Was Illegal to Beat Children

Girls Suffer Breast Ironing in the UK

UK. Here's one of those surprises that immigration brings when all of a sudden an unknown and oppressive practice pops up. And then society have to find a way to fix it. It was social workers in London, Yorkshire, Essex and the West Midlands who noticed that pre-teen girls from several African countries, pre-dominantly from… Continue reading Girls Suffer Breast Ironing in the UK

Sharia in Swedish Pre-Schools

SWEDEN. Several muslim parents want the staff at a pre-school to facetime their daughters to make sure that they don't take of the veil during the day. And the staff agreed to do it! At the same time leftie feminists claim that the choice to wear the hijab is made freely. The newspaper GP in… Continue reading Sharia in Swedish Pre-Schools

Advice to Schools with Muslim Pupils

SWEDEN. Muhamed Omar, Antikalifen, wrote yesterday about another pamphlet and this one is produced by the organization Islamguiden. The topic is advice on how Swedish schools should act towards muslims. By their presentation it is obvious that they percive Islam as equal to Christianity in Sweden instead of something that is new and that they… Continue reading Advice to Schools with Muslim Pupils