Persecution of Christians – week 8

A church from the 1100s in Falköping, Sweden, was scrawled on. It was swastikas, the cross of St. Peter and the words Die Jew and Hitler. If the culprits are Nazis: why not go down to the mosque then? Do they expect to insult Jews in a Church? On February 11 a man by the... Continue Reading →


Persecution of Christians – week 41

On September 30 a journalist was arrested and detained for five days without charges in Syria. The police searched his apartment confiscating a laptop, a computer, and four of his cell phones. For five days he was in custody before being released and he was never told his charges. Nobody knows still, but he had... Continue Reading →

Persecution of Christians – week 29

Indian Christians have been attacked fifteen times during fourteen days. Read about the attacks here! A pastor and seven other Christians in Burkina Faso were kidnapped on 3 of June and it has been believed that they had been released. New information shows that they are still captives. Read this article about how Coptic women... Continue Reading →

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