Pushed from Balcony by Her Husband

SWEDEN. Last night, around 22.00, a woman was pushed from a balcony by her husband. It happened in the no go area Tjärna Ängar in Borlänge. When the police arrived the woman was awake and able to speak, but had pains in her neck and felt a numbness in the legs. But the police and... Continue Reading →


The no go-zones of Sweden

SWEDEN. I have mentioned "our" no go-zones several times, but never listed the 61 areas that the police call vulnerable areas (such a stupid name). They divide them into three categories: 1. Particularly vulnurable areas - are signified by social problems and criminality that has caused a prevailing unwillingness to take part in legal procedings... Continue Reading →

Quran school to taxing for childrens

SWEDEN. Kent Karlsson is the principal of two elementary schools in a no go-zone in Borlänge and he is concerned about the local quran school. Some children have quran school three days a week while others go after every schoolday and on the weekend as well. The weekend classes can be seven hours long. The... Continue Reading →

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