Paint ISIS Ethnic Cleansing

SWEDEN. I like coloring books for adults and as I was browsing the two biggest online bookstores, Bokus and Adlibris, I found these. That somebody can produce crap like this is simply horrifying and after contacting both stores Bokus has removed the coloring books. Adlibris haven't answered yet.

New Page about Christianity

I have added a new page with links on Christian faith & persecution of Christians.You can find answers to any questions you might have about these topics there. I hope you find it useful!

Shakespeare Got It Right

I have just finished Macbeth and when I read this part (act 4 scene 2, where Lady MacDuff talks about how her husband fled and left her and the children behind) I thought about all the immigrant men who does just the same. How bad can the situation be where you live if you can... Continue Reading →

“The Swedish Model Delivers!”

SWEDEN. Morgan Johansson (S) is the Minister of Migration and is, among other things, known for delaying the laws against terrorism for 17 years! Here's some of what he said in Parliament on Tuesday 18/6 during a debate on family reunification. Morgan Johansson claimed that Sweden has saved thousands of lifes during the recent years,... Continue Reading →

The Big Gender Experiment

David Eberhard is a psychiatrist and author who is an active debater. He has a tendency to swim against the tide which is one of the reasons that I like him.  This is a book about the biological differences between the sexes and the group of feminists that refuse to acknowledge that. It's a strange world we live in where obvious things are being seen as false and can cause such debate. Unfortunately this book is only available in Swedish, but I hope that... Continue Reading →

The Underground Girls of Kabul

Jenny Nordberg is a journalist and have often traveled to Afghanistan. While there she encountered a phenomenon called bacha posh where girls are being dressed as boys and then live like them for some years. Jenny started to investigate it and came into contact with families who practiced this and got to take part of their... Continue Reading →

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