Persecution of Christians – week 11

The violence Christians are suffering in Nigeria have gathered attention due to the massacre in Christchurch as many questioned the medias hypocrisy. Even local media in Nigeria seldom report on the attacks. 6 000 persons were killed during 2018 and there wasn't any distress, no "thoughts and prayers" nor aany candlelit demonstrations in the west.... Continue Reading →


Persecutions of Christians – week 10

International Christian Concern has documented at least 60 attacks by Boko Harams and Fulani Militias in Nigeria during February. A total of 205 people in the Middle Belt and northern Nigeria were killed. Boko Haram was responsible for 126 deaths and 83 of them were civilians (mostly in Borno State). Fulani militants were also responsible... Continue Reading →

Persecution of Christians – week 6

On February 16 the election will be held in Nigeria and current president Buhari hope to be re-elected. He has made promises to free Leah Sharibu and to stop the Fulani Militia, but nothing has happened. The last news came in October. There is no updated status report on Leah and on February 19 she... Continue Reading →

Persecution of Christians – week 4

Two bombs went off yesterday, January 27, during mass in a church in Jolo, Philippines. 27 were killed and at least 83 were injured. The area is a stronghold of the Islamist Abu Sayyaf terror organization which support ISIS. At the same time Catholics in the Philippines are hoping that the Pope will visit them... Continue Reading →

Persecution of Christians – week 52

The United Kingdom have plan to deport Asher Samson, 41, who came to the country from Pakistan to study to be a pastor. He later applied for asylum because he was beaten and repeatedly threatened with execution by Islamic extremists at home. He has said that he fear for his life. Also, the UK have... Continue Reading →

Violence common for Nigerian Women

NIGERIA. Violence against women and girls is common but due to stigma, shame and impunity there haven't been much talk about it.  Over 23 million women and children are victims of child marriage. Women and girls are abducted and forced to marry. One in three women and girls between the ages of 15 and 24 have... Continue Reading →

Islamists against Vaccination

AFGHANISTAN/NIGERIA/PAKISTAN. I had no idea that vaccination was a hot topic among Muslims, but it turns out it is. And there's a clear link to Islamistic groups. In 2011 the CIA staged a fake hepatitis vaccination campaign to find where Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden were and after that incident there have been imams in... Continue Reading →

Persecution of Christians – week 44

Two Chinese priests from an underground Catholic church (means it isn't controlled by the state which a public one is) have been detained by the authorities. The official explanation is that they are taking some time off to study the new regulations on religious practices. The body of the Catholic tribal Chief in Nigeria, that... Continue Reading →

Persecution of Christians – week 42

Leah Sharibu, the Christian girl in Nigeria who were kidnapped by Boko Haram, are still imprisoned. Her captors have declared that she is now their slave and that they can, according to their doctrines, do what they want with her. And we all know what Mohammed taught about female slaves (1 & 2). One of... Continue Reading →

Bring back Leah

NIGERIA. On February 19 110 girls were abducted by Boko Haram from their boarding school. One of them is Leah Sharibu, who has turned 15-year old during her captivity. She was also was the only Christian of the group of schoolgirls. On March 21 104 of the girls were released and Leah was offered freedom... Continue Reading →

Persecution of Christians – week 22

A 17-year old christian girl in Pakistan was killed on May 6th by the muslim family where she had worked as a live-in maid for several years. Her father witnessed how two women and three men held down the girl and strangled her. Later it showed that the three men had raped her and her... Continue Reading →

Persecution of Christians – week 19

Uttarakhand is the seventh state in India to hold an anti-conversion law. The idea of such a law is originally to stop forced conversions, but they are often used to hinder the movement and growth of the christian community. Needing permission from the state to change your religion makes it very hard to read or... Continue Reading →

Jihadis Heading for Europe?

As the Islamic State are fleeing Syria many of the them, including the leaders, head to Boko Haram and al-Qaeda in Africa's Sahel region. Now the UN World Food Programme warn that ISIS may push migration to Europe. And in the masses of people they plan to hide jihadists. It's David Beasley, head of the UN World Food... Continue Reading →

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