Persecution of Christians – week 44

Two Chinese priests from an underground Catholic church (means it isn't controlled by the state which a public one is) have been detained by the authorities. The official explanation is that they are taking some time off to study the new regulations on religious practices. The body of the Catholic tribal Chief in Nigeria, that … Continue reading Persecution of Christians – week 44

Can’t Copy their Mistakes

We are equal as human beings; if you are expecting more from European Christians than European Christians can expect [in the Islamic world] — well, you have no right to expect more, basically. We are equal, if you are not happy with Europe, go to the Arab countries and stay there.In Germany and Sweden and … Continue reading Can’t Copy their Mistakes

Empty words from EU about immigration

EUROPE. It took ten hours of negotiations before the leaders of countries in the EU agreed on how to handle the problem with immigration. But it seems like nothing more than words to appease those who are critical to the flow of immigrants. Angela Merkel desperately need this deal since she's on the brink of … Continue reading Empty words from EU about immigration

New Terror Stats & the Link to Immigration

EUROPE. The Heritage Foundation presents a report this week that shows that between January 2014 and December 2017 194 terrorist plots occured that killed or injured nearly 1,000 people. 41% of these attacks took place in Germany which means that the risk is one-in-three that their civilians will be targeted in the future. France came in second when … Continue reading New Terror Stats & the Link to Immigration

Terror in Belgium

Liege is an industrial city in Belgium, close to the german border. At 10.30 today a terrorattack was carried out in the centre of the town by a 36-year old man by the name Benjamin Herman. He attacked two female police officers from behind, stabbed them repeately and then shot them with their own guns. Herman … Continue reading Terror in Belgium

Sharia creep in Belgium

BELGIUM. When a look at Belgium I feel worried and genuinely afraid. Sharia creep, the term that describes the gradual islamisation of a culture, seems to be a realty there. After years of fighting for equality in the west it now seems that it is in danger of becoming undone. Where will all this lead? … Continue reading Sharia creep in Belgium