Wave of migrants hits Slovenia

Barbara4u2c report on a new wave of self-declared refugees heading for the balkans and her homeland of Slovenia. https://youtu.be/xUfy4d5VZUo


Guilty for Thinking

SWEDEN. I can really relate to what Barbara is saying in this video. I also questioned myself when I started to think differently about immigration and everything else. I felt really guilty and that I did something wrong when I deviated from the general narrative. But when I looked closely at what I was thinking... Continue Reading →

The state of Sweden

SWEDEN. Yes, this is exactly how it is here in Sweden. The cognitive dissonance is scary and, frankly, quite embarrising. Can´t you hear how stupid you sound! And when it comes to immigrants there seem to be no end to the states money. Heres an examle how immigrants are treated better than swedes. They pay... Continue Reading →

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