Letter to a Soldier of Allah

CANADA. Algerian writer Karim Akouche, who lives in Quebec since 2008, have written several books. He is now an unbeliever and says that the roots of violence is endeed found in the Quran. Here's an excerp from Letter to a soldier of Allah.  "As a child, I played the game. I had no choice. I... Continue Reading →


Southern Poverty Law Center

USA. SPLC is a nonprofit human rights organization in the US that focus on racism, islam, immigration, church-state division and LGBT-rights. They target people and organizations that they claim are extremists and this smear have severe consequences for them. So what makes you into a hater? For one thing, to speak up for civil rights... Continue Reading →

Safe with the Hijab

I got a comment the other day (thank you very much, I really appreciated it), that made me think. A lot. So I would like to unpack it, in a way. I feel safe when I am wearing hijab. It is also liberating. Feeling safe Why do one need to feel safe? Where does the... Continue Reading →

Childmarriages in Sweden

SWEDEN. We have a growing problem in Sweden with child marriges. The Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) found 132 children (129 girls and 3 boys) applying for residence that were married and most of them were placed with their adult husbands. The age of consent in Sweden is fifteen wich means that sex within those marriges... Continue Reading →

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