The Hijabs real Meaning

This is a series of Youtube videos by the Glazov Gang that focuses on the hijab and it's real meaning. Part 1: In Defense of Judge Jeanine WATCH: CLICK HERE.  Part 2: Sinead O’Connor No Longer White After Islamic Conversion! WATCH: CLICK HERE. Part 3: Trying on Hijab and Liberation! WATCH: CLICK HERE. Part 4: Iranian Woman’s 20-Year Sentence... Continue Reading →


What Islam Isn’t

This is a text adapted from Dr. Peter Hammond's book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat. I found it here. Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete system.Islam has religious, legal, political, economic and military components. The religious component is a beard for all... Continue Reading →

The Worlds least racist Countries

Racism is said to be the cause of a lot of the troubles for and with immigrants in Sweden. It's because of ethnic Swedes racism that immigrant can't get job and in turn it leads to criminality and so on. But is it true? Are Sweden really so full of hate? This list come from... Continue Reading →

Fatwa against Imam Tawhidi

AUSTRALIA. Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, more known as Imam of Peace, have had a fatwa issued against him and has decided to take a time out. He tweeted: Yesterday, a death Fatwa was issued against me by Mufti Sialvi of Pakistan. First, I thank the officials who contacted me expressing their concerns and support. I’ve put... Continue Reading →

Won’t Sign the Migration Pact

SWEDEN. It really worries me that the UN Migration Pact isn't mentioned here. Media doesn't report on it and it's only us conservatives that seem to know what's about to happen.  I have no doubt that we will sign it, but I wish that this wouldn't come now when our political situation is in such... Continue Reading →

Can We Criticize Islam?

AUSTRALIA. This is a really interesting video and to watch how people react and how they reason. Some are very passionate while others are much more relaxed. I think Armin Navabi does an amazing job!

Migration Will Be a Human Right

United Nations have worked for 18 months with a new agreement called Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. It will be signed in Marrakesh, Morocco, on 10-11 December by all countries in the UN. But how will it affect us? The idea have been to secure the rights of migrants, but in reality... Continue Reading →

Muslim Beat Man with Crowbar after Discussion

AUSTRALIA. Euan was going home after an evening out and during the taxiride he and the driver started talking about religion. They talked about the drivers Muslim background and Euan noticed that he became annoyed when he said he was an atheist. Euan said that religion had caused wars and violence and that it was science... Continue Reading →

Rape is the Womans fault says Imam

AUSTRALIA. Imam Nassim Abdi have held talks about modesty and sharia and below there's excerpts from them. They are a bit long, but you just have to read it because it really shows how the Islamic mindset. It's everyting women in the west have worked to get away from.  On April 20, 2018: We, dear brothers, are... Continue Reading →

Threatened to Behead Teacher

AUSTRALIA. Primary schools in Sydney are having problems with islamism and as many as 19 schools in the area risk being targeted by islamist recruiters. Students at the age of nine are showing signs of extreme radicalization and even 5-year olds are being monitored. Those who are being watched have often visited war zones in... Continue Reading →

Boys, Boys, Boys

AUSTRALIA have a new problem: more boys are being born than girls. Normally there's 105 boys born to 100 girls, but a new study showed a change. Researchers looked at newborns in the state of Victoria during 1999-2015 and the number for born boys was 108 to 100 girls. It doesn't seem like anything to make... Continue Reading →

Persecution of christians – week 25

In Sydney, Australia, a meeting with members from the Liberal Party at an Islamic-owned charcoal chicken shop turned into a brawl. The owner was a councillar in the party and they met there for a discussion. The Muslims outnumbered the Christians, shouting things like Coptic dogs, a man was on the ground getting hit with... Continue Reading →

May I Change Your Nappie?

Just when I think that our society have reached Peak SJW something like this happens: author and educator Deanne talked about the importance of setting up a culture of consent in the family. Australian TV interviewed Deanne were she talked about how her work with familys can start directly when they come home from the... Continue Reading →

A chat with imam Tawhidi

CANADA. Imam Tawhidi, also known as Imam of peace, is a muslim who is pro-integration and pro-Israel. In this chat Gad Saad do a good job with asking the hard questions how Tawhidi handles the violence in islam, but I'm not convinced. I think it sounds like a lot of mental gymnastics. And in this... Continue Reading →

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