No Rights, Unless You’re a Muslim

SWEDEN. Many elderly want to be able to choose if the person providing their home care service is a man or a woman. But an article in GP, Gothenburgs biggest newspaper, shows that there isn't any regulation that secures this. Imagine being old and frail and in the need of assistance with putting on your... Continue Reading →

Iranian Convert Harassed by UK Home Office

UK. Secularised pc-bureaucrats at the Home Office denied an Iranian convert asylum in 2016. The reason was that he said that he left Islam because he found Christianity very peaceful which made the official explode. The Iranian fled after converting to Christianity as leaving Islam is a crime and the Christians in Iran are oppressed.... Continue Reading →

Muslim Beat Man with Crowbar after Discussion

AUSTRALIA. Euan was going home after an evening out and during the taxiride he and the driver started talking about religion. They talked about the drivers Muslim background and Euan noticed that he became annoyed when he said he was an atheist. Euan said that religion had caused wars and violence and that it was science... Continue Reading →

An ex-Muslims story

SWEDEN/IRAQ. This is Ahmed Alkumers life story in his own words. The original text is in Swedish and I have tried to translate it to the best of my ability. He gives a very moving portayal of how hard and dangerous it is to object to and leave Islam.  My story with Islam started in Bagdad... Continue Reading →

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