All for the Sake of Diversity

Nobody Saw This Coming?

SWEDEN. Prime minister Stefan Löfven was interviewed on the TV-show Agenda on Sunday evening about the current state of Sweden. His answers was absolutely astonishing! The show has explained that their goal with the interview was to hear Löfvens opinion about what causes the gangviolence and how it could be prevented. According to him this… Continue reading Nobody Saw This Coming?

The War Against Swedes

SWEDEN. If you look at what takes place during some of the robberies you find that it's about something more than wanting or needing material things. It's about showing power and about degrading the victim as much as possible. It's about venting rage. Like the case with the 18-year old who got his ear, or… Continue reading The War Against Swedes

Muslims Want Sharia

FRANCE. In September of this year French Institute for Public Opinions (IFOP) conducted a poll for Le Point magazine. The result is very disturbing. When foreign born Muslims were asked if they wanted sharia to become the law in France 46% were in favour of that. Among the French-born Muslims 18% wanted sharia. 41% of Muslims asked believe… Continue reading Muslims Want Sharia

Children Are Missing after the Summer

SWEDEN. 24 children didn't return to school after the summer break in the city of Norrköping. Last year 14 children was missing after summer. Some of the children have been granted protected identity and moved during the summer and when it comes to them the register is momentarily out of sync. So they haven't been… Continue reading Children Are Missing after the Summer

How the Typical Swede Feels

SWEDEN. I overheard two women in their fifties talking to each others at the supermarket today and what they said was so moving and interesting that I want to share it here. - It's too late! It's too late. They want to make a lot of laws now or change them, but that won't work.… Continue reading How the Typical Swede Feels

What to Do about Gang Violence?

SWEDEN. Gatestone Institute published a fantastic article about gangs, crime, ethnicity and how the politicians plan to handle it. It's a must-read!

Animal Cruelty for Fun

SWEDEN. I became a witness to something yesterday that's becoming all to common nowadays. I was at the library with my kid to return some books and when we entered there was a dog sitting outside. She looked like a lapphund, only slightly smaller. She was tied to a bench and sat quiet, watching the… Continue reading Animal Cruelty for Fun

Chaos in My Kids School

SWEDEN. I was at a meeting at the school where my child goes the other day because of fighting and other disturbances that makes it almost impossible to study. The children in question goes to the sixth grade, which means that they are twelve years, and they have all gone to other schools before. I… Continue reading Chaos in My Kids School

How Many Are Working?

SWEDEN. We were told by the politicians that the immigrants would save the economy. So how did that work out? The newspaper Aftonbladet, which is partly owned by the Swedish Social Democratic Party, did an investigation about this and it shows that those promises were nothing but fairytales. Out of the 60 000 immigrants that… Continue reading How Many Are Working?