Two Videos on the New Zeeland Shootings


FGM Increase in Sweden

SWEDEN. It's believed that there's 38 000 girls and women in Sweden who have suffered FGM. And more and more of them are asking for help. At Söderhospital (Södersjukhuset) in Stockholm they have seen an increase in the amount of women who want their help by 80% in the last two years. They started their... Continue Reading →

No Hijab Day

February first is the day when Muslim women "voice their choice" and for others to show solidarity with them. The world unites to celebrate the practice of covering up girls and women in cloth. The challenge is to wear the hijab for 24 hours, but at the organizations website there's also more advanced challenges like... Continue Reading →

Allah more Merciful than God

USA. Author Jack Miles claim that people are ill-informed when it comes to Islam and that it's actually better a religion that is better than Christianity. Miles found that Allah is more mercyful than Yahweh by comparing the Quran and the Bible. His method was to only look at certain episodes of the texts and... Continue Reading →

Islam & Dogs

All dog owners have experienced the irrational fear many Muslims show towards dogs. Even the children tend to shriek and taunt a dog minding his own business. Why? Well, they are haram and Islam forbids Muslims to keep dogs. The punishment if one keep a dog is to lose one or two qiraats (a unit... Continue Reading →

Domestic Violence more common among Immigrants

NORWAY. NRK, Norways public service TV and radio, looked at all courtcases from March, April and May this year where children and their families were involved. In 84 of the cases a verdict was reached and there were 135 children involved in these litigations. 47%, which means 63 children, came from families that had immigrated... Continue Reading →

How to Make a Terrorist

After every one of these terrible events, that we unfortunately have grown quite accustomed to, there is a flood of theories on why a person can act like that. Is it video games, bullying, the NRA, racism, mental illness, toxic masculinity and so on.  But in conservative circles it has been known for a while... Continue Reading →

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