The Attack on Andy Ngo

USA. An immigrated gay Asian should be near the top of the intersectional oppression pyramid, but as he has exposed fake hate crimes he is Literally Hitler. This weekend the right of centre journalist Andy Ngo was covering a "protest"(of the Proud Boys) by Antifa in Portland when he was attacked by them. That group... Continue Reading →

Antifa in Portland – Encore

USA. I wrote a post about when Antifa acted like idiots, once again, in Portland. But Matt Christiansens video is so good and contains so many good videoclips that I just have to share it with you.

– Because I told You To!

USA. Antifa is running wild in Portland, Oregon, on neither the politicians or the police seem interested in stopping their behaviour. Or the case might be that they can't manage. The clip is from October 6 when power-hungry Antifa and Black Lives Matter took control over a crossing and stopped drivers to redirect them. Or to... Continue Reading →

The Left Party – Past and Present

SWEDEN. The Left Party have an interesting history, but communism, support of dictatures and terrorism haven't stopped people from voting for them. They got 8% in this years election and their member Lotta Johnsson Fornarve were chosen as the Second Deputy Speaker of the Swedish Parliament. Until 1990 the party was called Left Party the Communists... Continue Reading →

Double Standards

When Beyonce did the half-time entertaiment at Super Bowl the whole world were in awe. Well, almost the whole world because some noticed and pointed out that her entire number was an accolade to the terroristgroup the Black Panthers. Imagine if anybody had made a tribute to the KKK in the same way. Nobody would... Continue Reading →

Marching Nazis & Antifa

SWEDEN. I definitely don't side with with the extreme right, like Nationella Motståndsrörelsen (NMR), but the crux with democracy is that if you want it, you will have to include everybody. Even if you think they are wrong. On the first of May everybody in Sweden have the day off since it's the International Workers... Continue Reading →

Antifa Attacked a Mosque?

GERMANY. The group of left wing extremist have taken responsibility for an attack with firebombs on a mosque in Germany. The reason behind this is that the mosque is turkish and Antifa ally with the kurds. And this is not the only mosque that has been attacked.

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