We Will Not Integrate!

DENMARK. The video below shows how Rasmus Paludan, leader of the party Stram Kurs (Hard Line), and his fellow party members get treated because they criticize Islam. And that's something that 76% of the Muslims in the country want to criminalize. https://youtu.be/gMtPg8C-31M As it's almost impossible to hear what the man says Kim Møller, writer... Continue Reading →

Animal Cruelty for Fun

SWEDEN. I became a witness to something yesterday that's becoming all to common nowadays. I was at the library with my kid to return some books and when we entered there was a dog sitting outside. She looked like a lapphund, only slightly smaller. She was tied to a bench and sat quiet, watching the... Continue Reading →

Animal Cruelty straight from the Middle East

SWEDEN. Naima Bahnam Johansson is a politician on her spare time for the Sweden Democrats in Norrköping and she wrote a FB-post about the cruelty towards animals that seem to be increasing. Hedgehogs have been found impaled or been used as footballs by groups of children. Cats and dogs have been posioned, burned or mutilated.... Continue Reading →

More Animal Cruelty

SWEDEN. Last week two men got sentenced for killing a dog and many people have reacted with disgust to the video of what they put the poor dog through. I don't know if animal cruelty is increasing, but it sure feels like it. It was a 36-year old man from Gothenburg and a 20-year old from... Continue Reading →

Islam & Dogs

All dog owners have experienced the irrational fear many Muslims show towards dogs. Even the children tend to shriek and taunt a dog minding his own business. Why? Well, they are haram and Islam forbids Muslims to keep dogs. The punishment if one keep a dog is to lose one or two qiraats (a unit... Continue Reading →

Increasing Violence against Policedogs

SWEDEN. The dogs that work with the police have become a target for an increasing and rough violence.  The dogs handlers have told Swedish media that they see that the acts of violence are becoming more and more ruthless. The perpetraitors used to just pull away and there was a code of conduct when it... Continue Reading →

A Wreck of an Investigation

SWEDEN. The attempted rape in Deje have gotten a lot of attention because it have been so poorly handled by the police.  A woman was out walking her puppy and got attacked (which I have written about here). The new information is that the perpetraitor used a knife during the attack, the victim were cut, her... Continue Reading →

Jail For some, but not For Others

SWEDEN. Earlier this week Christina Öberg Nilsson, 65, was sentenced to 3 months in prison for hate speech in the Court of Appeal. This is her story and some more. In 2016 Christina got robbed and assaulted while out bicycling. She percieved that the two men were Afghan migrants and there were several witnesses who... Continue Reading →

This Isn’t cruelty to Animals

CANADA/UK. Swedens former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt once said that the market for halal-meat was money just waiting to be made and wanted to remove unnecessary rules in that sector. I think that he would have another take on that if he had seen this video. Some Pakistani men brought a cow to the backyard of... Continue Reading →

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