Election Day!

SWEDEN. Finally it's here! But things aren't going smoothly everywhere. Media are reporting on different kinds of fraud and the National Election Board reports that it's common that ballots get stolen, hidden or sabotaged on election day. Most of the times it happens by mistake. They have printed and handed out 673 million ballots in... Continue Reading →


SWEDEN. The voting in advance have started and there's already been incidents of sabotage. I consider it to be a threat to our democracy. To be truthful it started even before the voting. Election material disappeared and postmen didn't deliver mail from some parties. Signs and information spots have been vandalised, even burned. Campaign workers... Continue Reading →

Sweden Is in a Low Intensity Civil War

What you read about Sweden on alternative news platforms is true. We are facing problems more severe than ever before in our history, where Swedes face a situation of being a minority within 20 years if nothing is done to stop the replacement of our people. I would describe the problems in Sweden as a... Continue Reading →

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