Holiday in the Country They Fled

IRAN/SWEDEN. There were 17 Swedes, whereof three had Swedish names, on the Ukranian plane that were shot down in Teheran. The media has made stories about some of them, but they leave a lot to be desired. I'll start by saying that I find the "accident" (no, I don't think that Iran are telling the … Continue reading Holiday in the Country They Fled

World Watch List 2020

Open Doors released their World Watch List 2020 today and it's, as usual, a very interesting read. Christians are the biggest persecuted group in the world and it's increasing. As many as 260 million Christians in 50 countries are subjected to high or extreme persecution. Another fifty million in 23 countries outside the top 50 … Continue reading World Watch List 2020

Tortured Couple for Hours

SWEDEN. Erik, 18, and his girlfriend Tindra, 18, attended a small party at their friend Pa Nyassis, 21, apartment. It almost got them killed. Nyassi is a Muslim immigrant from Gambia and Erik got to know him through mutual friends. They had a good relationship and Erik even lived there from time to time. The … Continue reading Tortured Couple for Hours

Study Finds Migrant Voices

SWEDEN. A new study from the Institute for Future Studies in Stockholm have been released. 6 516 persons in 54 municipalities participated. One purpose was to explore how non-European migrants view integration and another was to find out the values of migrants depending on their country of origin and other background factors. The entire report … Continue reading Study Finds Migrant Voices

15-year old Kidnapped & Raped by Afghan

SWEDEN. Last Sunday a 15-year old girl was kidnapped in Ludvika and on Wednesday, the fourth of September, she was found in an apartment in Gävle with an Afghan man. The had been playing in a school yard just minutes from here home, but never returned home. During the days when she was missing she … Continue reading 15-year old Kidnapped & Raped by Afghan

More Bombings in Sweden than in Kabul

SWEDEN. Afghans - we would all be safer if they had stayed at home. Many migrants, especially the so-called unaccompanied refugee children, have come here from Afghanistan and the common reason why they fled was that they wasn't safe because of the constant bombings. But the truth is that bombings are more common here than … Continue reading More Bombings in Sweden than in Kabul